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I'm Carlos. Nice to meet you!

Here's a little blurb on how I started fighting and personal training. 

Starting out in 2000 I was first introduced to boxing by Phill Collins (Chito-Ryu Ju-jitsu). He took me under his wing during the height of my Tough Man competitions in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I was the man to beat and had a flawless record. Phill noticed my talent and honed it from that point. We boxed for two years fighting gym wars (Gym War: going into opposing gyms and fighting as if it were a title match) until one day Phil saw me jokingly kick a heavy bag. From that day in 2004 Phill was my sensei in the art of Kickboxing along with Donnie “Hurricane” Haire (5th Dan-Chito Ryu Karate, a formidable kickboxing champion rated 6 in the world, Actor), David Dequalo (former top-ranked kickboxer), and Don “The Dragon” Wilson (World Kickboxing champ and Hollywood film star).



personal trainer

Carlos Morgan, MBA, NASM-CPT, FNS, Kickboxing Expert/Fitness Expert. Ask me about one-on-one fitness training, kickboxing/boxing training.


  • Trained fighters for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competitions at American Kickboxing Academy.

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer-current. 

  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)

  • Certified Kickboxing instructor through USA Kickboxing Academy 2006

  • Trained diligently to meet the standards of USA Kickboxing to earn the ranking of Instructor/Personal Trainer. In traditional Martial Arts this rank would be equivalent to the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt.
  • Successfully trained a client load of 30 while working as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness in Tampa helping them all reach life-changing fitness goals through the art of Kickboxing along with expert knowledge in personal training.
  • Became a National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT) certified Personal Trainer-expired.
  • Beat the Florida State Kickboxing Champ R. Bailey in a non-title match in The Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament & Exhibition featuring Don “The Dragon” Wilson.
  • Trained a variety of challenging clients and assisted them in getting their desired results. For instance, a client with facial-humoral-scapula (face, arm, shoulder) muscular dystrophy. The only way to control her condition was to regulate her weight and keep her body fat down to a certain percentage. We did just that.
  • Through focused training and a disciplined program, I helped a Triathlon runner in increasing his pace by one hour.
  • Training a client in the art of Kickboxing who had Autism and Asperger’s disorder has by far been one of my greatest accomplishments.
  • Helped clients lower their blood pressure and get off blood pressure medication.
  • Successfully launched a fitness program designed to aid the continuum of care for recovering alcohol and drug addicts.
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