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About Carlos

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to put your health first. I have been helping people change their lives through fitness for over 15 years now and I love it! Each experience is unique and I always learn from my teachers-you. I started boxing in 2000 and transitioned to kick boxing in 2002. From there I became certified as a kickboxing instructor and personal trainer.


I have worked with long distance training clients to special needs clients helping them all achieve life-changing goals.

I have helped kids as well as senior citizens reach fitness goals. Flying across the country to train US Border Patrol applicants has been a great reward as well as helping recovering addicts continue sobriety through fitness.

No Magic Pill Just Fitness Blog

I invite you all to discover health and wellness in a way you’ve never experienced before. On my blog, you’ll find tips, tutorials and articles that will cover any topic. Go ahead and ask me whatever is on your mind—I'm here for you.

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Fitness Professional

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