Every body is different, therefore, everybody is different. I am a firm believer that one size does not fit all. Sure, I am a fitness expert but that expertise goes unproven if the proper information is not gathered and properly used to the client's benefit.

Kickboxing Lessons

Team Performance and Strength Training


Monthly Rates

Middle School Teams: $12 per player with a minimum of six players.

High School,College and Other Teams:

$15 per player with a minimum of six players.


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NASM's proprietary Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model is the industry's first comprehensive training system based on scientific, evidence-based research. It takes the guesswork out of program design and helps you produce consistent and remarkable results for your clients. This systematic and integrated (total body) training, reconditioning and rehabilitation program incorporates: Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory, Core, Balance, Power, Strength.

The OPT™ model focuses on integrated solutions for every fitness level. It's proven successful in training, reconditioning and rehabilitating elite, college, and recreational athletes alike. It’s also been extremely successful in helping people decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, improve performance and overall health. In other words, it's good for everybody.

Wellness Store


One of the toughest aspects of a fitness lifestyle is nutritional fitness. Finding the right products can be a challenge and discouraging. CMFC has taken all the guess work out of the process so you can stay focused on your short or long-term goals.


In our wellness store you will find what you need to enhance your results inside and out. This is exclusive. Create your profile and feel free to browse by clicking HERE. Please contact us for more details. Enjoy!

To get the most out of your fitness package sure to join as a Preferred Member to our wellness store. Here you will find exclusive and healthy products for your body and living environment as well as pet care!

Basic Muscle Anatomy

Knowing where your muscles are located can save much stress while working out. It is important to target the right muscle or muscle group to get proper stimulation to that muscle or muscle group. Take a look at the anatomy poster at the bottom.

Body Types

Many times we work out without knowing our body-type. This could lead to undesired results regardless of your workout frequency. For instance, if you have an endomorph body type and want to lose weight, power lifting will not yield desired results. Knowing your body-type is key to getting the most out of your exercise regimen. Examples of the three different body types are below. What body-type do you feel you resemble? It is possible to have a combination body-type, (ex: endomesomorph).